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Book An Appointment

The first step is to have your family doctor, dentist or health provider email or fax a referral to The Snore Centre. You may also self-refer by calling The Snore Centre directly at 587.353.3390.  A staff member will contact you within 24 hours to book your complimentary consultation at one of our Snore Centre locations. You will be given information about sleep apnea, Oral Appliance Therapy and forms to complete prior to your consultation.
You can also download our referral form and bring it to your doctor.

Getting Started

Complimentary Consultation

At the time of your consultation, we will review together the completed forms sent to you at the time of booking, discuss your health history, concerns you have about your snoring and sleep and determine if there is need for further investigation into sleep apnea.  If sleep apnea is suspected, we will recommend a Level III sleep test.  This is a no charge test which you take home and sleep with for one night.  This test is important in providing us with information about your snoring patterns, if there are apneas occurring, the number of apnea events throughout the night and blood oxygen levels. You will return the test the following day and will be called back to discuss the results once they are interpreted by our respirologist.


First Appointment

Once The Snore Centre receives your Level III report from the respirologist, you will review the results with the doctor and discuss which treatment option is best for you and your lifestyle.  Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT), Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or the need for further testing may be recommended.  If you are a candidate for Oral Appliance Therapy, we can proceed with dental impressions to fabricate your custom sleep appliance at this appointment.

How to Use the Apnea Link Recorder

Your New Sleep Appliance

Receiving Your Appliance: Approximately Three Weeks Later

At this appointment, you will try on your new sleep appliance to ensure proper fit and comfort and receive care instructions.  You will be required to sleep with your appliance in the neutral position every night for the next three weeks to get used to having it in your mouth while sleeping.

Starting Treatment: Approximately Three Weeks Later

At this appointment, we will start your treatment.  We will show you how to advance your appliance slowly to a treated position.


Your Personalized Care

Two month follow up

At this appointment, we will re-evaluate your symptoms and discuss if further advancement of the jaw is required.

Post Treatment Sleep Test: Approximately Three Months Later

Once you have been sleeping in the treated position for at least three months, we will require a post Level III home sleep test, with the appliance in the mouth, to ensure apneas have decreased to a safe level.

Final Appointment

This appointment will be booked six months after your post Level III sleep test to review your progress now that your sleep apnea has been successfully treated.

Yearly Examination

The Snore Centre recommends a yearly examination to continue close follow up on your progress and to discuss any changes that may occur in your dental or medical history. These follow-ups are not included in the overall Oral Appliance Therapy cost.