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We understand that everyone is different, that's why our customized snoring solutions are digitally designed and manufactured (CAD/CAM) using the latest technologies, specifically for your individual case.

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At The Snore Centre, you will never feel pressured to sign up on the spot for big decisions. Our pricing is good for 90 days after your initial free consultation.

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Solutions to Your Sleep Problems

Change your sleep for a healthy life.

The Snore Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic offering personalized assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

With on-site board-certified dental physicians and partnerships with ENTs, sleep physicians, and other healthcare professionals, The Snore Centre will provide a truly customized approach to patient care and treatment.

A comprehensive and personalized assessment is key to success.

Lifestyle Modification Coaching

For many, simple lifestyle modifications and changes to their sleep routine (also known as; Sleep Hygiene) can help resolve many of their sleep problems and allow them to sleep better.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Simple Night Guard to Custom-fitted adjustable mandibular repositioning devices. Remove “When we Prescribe these device” and start with “We will follow up …” and also instead of “our oral appliance therapies” simply use “ the oral appliance therapy”

Laser Therapy for Snoring (NightLase)

NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase reduces the effects of sleep apnea and decreases the amplitude of snoring...

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Taking The Next Steps With The Snore Centre

Step 1.
Book a Free Assessment

Visit our practice for a sleep assessment. We work together to to understand your current sleeping habits.

Step 2.
Get a Custom Designed Solution

We will utilze the results of your sleep assessment to determine the right course of treatment for you. Our goal is to help you with your sleep problem with a solution that is specific to you.

Step 3.
Start Sleeping Again!!!

Once you have started your treatment, you will have the ability to get the rest you deserve. Get out of the haze and wake up feeling rested so that you can make the most out of your day ahead!​

Life-Changing Sleep

Our patients have told us time and time again that our sleep devices have changed their lives for the better. Conditions such as sleep apnea and snoring are not just problems in the bed. Their impact follows you throughout the day and can lead to very dangerous medical issues.

Studies have shown that snoring and sleep apnea are not-so-silent killers. The sudden loss of breath caused by sleep apnea stresses that heart and can lead to heart disease.

We get it: life is too short to wake up feeling tired! But we also know that we are helping to extend the lives of our patients.

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